Friday, February 18, 2011

Poems from a Sick Mind

Letting My Light Shine

I believed I possessed my own light. Maybe it wouldnt be seen by everyone, but it would be seen. I displayed this light proudly, sure to be recognized by someone... but the years passed. Any notice that my shine garnered were either scathing looks or temporary interest. And so im left wondering, did i ever have a light at all? was it just something I made up in my head as a defensive shield to blind me of the fact that i possess no light and i am worth nothing. I mean how can a light be there, if no one notices?

Black Sheep

I used to believe that I was just special and unique... but I am passed by, and shut out. In a flock im not the black sheep... in fact, im not a sheep at all. im just a worthless mess shitted out and left behind.

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