Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I started and finished Confessions of an Economic Hitman this morning. I also at the same time had a dermitologist appointment at a new office (new insurance). As I read, my world started crashing and burning around me. My life and lifestyle is supported by the desperation, starvation, and prostitution of those countries that my country exploit. Something else I realized is that I might start having to be careful about what I say and what I do. Because the censors are on baby and reading every word I say. Some of my thoughts as I was reading:

1. How in the world might I try to fix this when there are people on all sides ready to take protestors out?

2. Why would I try to follow the example of American Revolutionaries when it is their fault for the slaughter of Native Americans ( including my own ancestors) and the enslavement of Africans (and other people of color) and the drainage of resources from any country of color

3. why does this empire building thing increasingly seem like a white thing. it is the countries of color (and few white countries) that are being exploited and white countries that are doing the exploiting

4. what can i, a light skinned, black, middle class, American teen do, especially since my voice is one of the last to be heard including in my own race

5. how big of a role does the racialization of europeans and countries of color play in the "economics"? especially in who is the oppressor.

6. what responsibility as a BLACK middle class teen do I have over these events considering that even selling out is a act of survival and made necessary by the white majority power who made these exploitative decisions in the first place? I know i feel responsibility for my lifestyle and it's not all whitey's fault but just how much do i do?

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