Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking the Myers-Briggs Test

So I have always love taking personality tests because usually im too busy trying to be perfect to see who i actually am. and i get stupid easily. so anyway i thought it would be interesting to go through thoughts in my head as im taking the test.

Do you tend to
let things happen naturally
plan your actions in advance

Well, i tend to imagine how arguments with people about certain issues will go and how i will answer points i think will be brought up. however i get irritated when there is too much planning and not enough doing. i guess the former

In your opinion most people are
unworthy of real trust
worthy of real trust

Well it depends on who "most people" are categorized as. lately most white people and some people of color that i've trusted come up short when talking about things that bother me i.e. institutional racism, american privilege, etc. so i was trusting before but now, not really. and if you are thinking "that stuff doesnt have anything to do with this question, you probably have no business reading this blog.

Do you admire people who are
stable and successful

stable and successful in my world usually means rich and privileged and not thinking about other people. and profoud people are the people who are my role models.

Do you find it
easy to talk about your feelings
difficult to talk about your feelings

easier with people who are thinking along the lines that i am but hard with everyone else since i dont know what to say to get them to understand me.

When confronted with a sudden question do you
wait for someone else to respond first
usually respond first

I like attention, i like answering questions..

When searching for a solution are you more interested in
the process
the solution itself

i think the process is most important but when actually in the process i want the solution NOW!

Do you more often prefer to
know what you are getting yourself into
adapt to new situations

I hate being disappointed. surprised is fine but disappointed not. and my least favorite part of school is adapting in the beginning. sooo...

Are you more interested in
your own thoughts and feelings
what is happening around you

i am always looking for what is happening around me...but usually to make me better at dealing or aiding it...hmmm

Would you say that you have more
penetrating insight
astute observational powers

hmmm, im rather ok at picking up on what is going on by observing but i also see pretty well to the heart of things, only with help though

I just realize that these quizzes are hard because im busy struggling for an ideal me instead of taking the actual me as she is.

Do you tend to
readily help people while asking nothing in return
expect something in return when you help someone

unfortunately, im not there yet.

I like to say im something because i know the good it will lead to. but i havent accepted a lot of things about myself yet.

the result?
Extroversion, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceptive
my ideal me though was an INFJ/INFP

i wish i was a lot less loud and a lot more thinking about the things i say

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