Sunday, May 31, 2009

NCORE Daily Outline

Hey so I am back from the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity. It was even more fantastic and wonderful than I imagined. I wish I could sit and type all about it right now but I have an interview tomorrow so I need to turn in. before I do though, I will give a teaser to what I will write by giving an outline of each day

  • Arrived with Mom
  • Went to the Bay area
  • Went to the mall
  • went to dinner at Fillippi's
  • Got to Conference hotel
  • Went to Race and Class seminar
  • ISCORE peeps arrived
  • Went to the Tim Wise speech
  • Dinner at Student Scholar Ceremony
  • Keynote Speaker: Cornell West
  • Anti Semitism and Anti Israeli seminar
  • Native Californian welcome
  • (crazy) Keynote Speaker on Militarism and Tourism in the Pacific Islands
  • Art and Race seminar
  • Breakdown and Phone Call
  • Pacific Islanders and their Place in Higher Ed
  • Little Italy: Party Bus and Spaghetteria
  • Keynote Speaker: Ron His Horse is Thunger
  • Model Minority Seminar
  • Hip-hop: Is Everybody Stupid seminar
  • San Diego Tour
  • Going Green
  • Group Discussion
  • Gaslamp District: Thai food and Gherardelli's
  • Incident
  • There's Race in My Movie seminar
  • Hmong rapper seminar
  • Keynote Speaker Pedro N's on the post civil rights era
  • Group discussion (encounters in San Diego
  • Trip to Old Town
  • Night chat

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