Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love & Basketball: A Reflection

So I watched most of Love & Basketball for the first time in about 5 years. Usually I watch only my favorite scenes, like the first scene when they were kids and then when Sidney was in Spain. However I had forgotten most of the sequence of events (but not the plot).

So I watched it, remembering that when I was younger I had loved this movie. However, watching it with my 19 year old mind was a different ball game (haha Im punny)

First off, Mr. Quinton was a jerk hands down. I understand that the audience is supposed to think that in the beginning, but, he is supposed to be redeemed somehow. I didnt feel that way though. Some things that I was irritated about were
*Why the heck is it ok for Q to go on, have a life, and eventually a fiancee, and Sidney is left pinning away for him while not dating, not going out, and even losing her love for basketball? I didnt see Q as heartbroken at all. Mostly I wondered if he even cared because he sure had a funny way of showing it.
*I think Sidney should have had a little more pride than to go after a guy she KNEW was a ladies man. I know they grew up together and that she knew him better than anyone. So my point is that she KNEW just what kind of dog that he was. He had very little respect for any girl he took home and she was eventually treated just the same in the end. I have no idea why she let it go since if that is the way he treated the rest, why the heck would he treat her any different. people like to tell me love but look what he did to her later. and she STILL was going after him. it was totally ok with her the constant disrespect and objectifying way he was treating her.

I felt that Sidney was treated like she was disposable, someone that Q could hook up with when he wanted then shoved to the side when he got all angsty because it didnt matter how he treated her, she would always love and come back to him. i dont feel he deserved and loyalty that he wouldnt show himself.

now i know the arguments that will surface. how it is because she loved him that she could stand the abuse and that it only took him to realize it to be good again. but im not sure if so called "love" is worth the dehuman way that Sidney was treated.

And what about the flight attendant (Tyra Banks)? is she not important just because she isnt the protagonist of the movie. She probably had feelings for Q, obviously enough that she wanted to marry him. And it was completely ok that he just went off with Sidney and broke every promise he made to her. and if he did that so easily to her than who knows what he would do once Sidney and he were married.

in the end the thing that kept me watching was the music

the song "You Made A Fool Of Me" by Me'Shell Ndegeocello was the summation of this movie (and a awesome song anyways!)

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