Friday, November 19, 2010

I Cant Pray Anymore

I cant pray anymore
the light has left my body
and instead, I am filled with a hollowed and
oppressive darkness that wont lift

I cant pray anymore
my cries to the sky fall upon the clouds
and seem too weak to rise any higher

I cant pray anymore
The words of the book seem emptied of their
significance and promise and I am left with
only words

I cant pray anymore
I only cry out, lost and alone, choked with
my own sorrow and without any aid
to save me

I cant pray anymore
dhut out of a house that I called home
told to open doors that one locked and bolted
and here's me, without a key
I keep waiting hoping something will change
but I'm locked out and freezing in the cold
crying slowly
dying slowly

People say Amen
and my reply is "Whatever"
Because I get no answers
I am hurt instead of helped

I cant pray anymore
I can sing anymore
I cant love anymore
My faith has been broken and dissapated
I know if I could hear something or someone call to me, things would be ok again...
but I cant

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