Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weird SciFi Dream

So I was on this huge ship/planet with the rest of humanity. we were paired with aliens trying to genetically mix with humans. We had to adjust to the aliens being there so we put in wider doors and fewer walls because these aliens had a large centipede like body with a centaur like head. It looks as if they were made out of glass. So we're all transformed into human-alien hybrids which made us have to adjust more to new room arrangements(there was a carnival for some odd reason)

Then some of the aliens wanted humans to turn fully alien and get rid of human individuality. They tried to force our bodies to become all alien by eliminated human invention and human requirements in buildings. but other aliens and humans didnt want that including myself so we stopped the aliens and put back human individuality and evolved into better forms than human or alien.

i've been reading too much octavia butlers, obviously lol

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