Thursday, September 30, 2010

8 Real Reasons That I Date Outside My Race

1. The more open my mind is in general, the more likely that my expectations wont crowd out potential matches.
2. Percentage wise, there would be more people that will compliment my personality than if you just stick with one race
3. I start to see how privilege works when not just applied to whiteness.
4. Different exposure to how folks unlike my usual normal work and live.
5. In the pool of potential dating opportunities that I have in my community, the kind of guy I'm looking for is more about maturity and open-mindedness than about finding "a man".
6. I see how inter-racism works and how more than just blacks are negatively affected by it
7. So many more hot guys lol.
8. It's always been about who compliments me on the inside, not on the outside. race does matter but so does compatibility.

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