Thursday, July 29, 2010

Current Mood: The Urge To Scream "FUCK!!!"

So I visited my college campus to say good-bye to my friends who are going to Rome for study abroad. i love those two girls to death, it's going to be hard without them. We acted crazy and stuff for 4 days and it really did me some good. It reminded me of the good friends and life i have back there to look forward to.
However there was a downside to the visit. Two of my friends who "Werent looking for a relationship" or "didnt want commitment" are now officially in a relationship... wtf? now in my 14+ group of friend it is me and one other girl who isnt in a relationship and the other girl just got out of one so it kinda doesnt count.

hence the urge to scream "fuck"

i mean, it got to the point where i google searched "20 yrs old, never been kissed" to see if i was a freak or not. because no matter what my parents and neighbors say, most people i know have been in at least one relationship if not more. usually more by my age. and when i looked online, the kind of people in the same boat were mostly jesus freaks... yeah, that didnt make me feel any better. fuck, what's so wrong with me?


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